Who are the most popular Social Media gurus of India?


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Who are the most popular Social Media gurus of India?

It is difficult to say if someone is a social media guru or not. However, in my search so far I haven’t found any in India. For me a guru would be someone who would produce some original social media related content predicting trends and providing an excellent commentary on existing scenarios.

I guess the lack of gurus is to do with the whole culture of innovation. US is coming up with most numbers of online startups, and this is directly related to the level of discussion and expertise they have developed in this field

I don’t see that happening in the Indian context atleast for the time being . But there is good discourse starting to take place and that’s a start. Websites such as India social and blogs like Gauravonomics  are doing some good job in this field.

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How does social media bring value to film production companies?

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How does social media bring value to film production companies?

It helps you find where your audience are and share the sort of content that appeals to them. Its an excellent opportunity to engage with them and spread the word about your film production company far and wide.

Also at times seek ideas from your audience and do some co-production with them, make them own the content. You never know with so many fans and exciting content it could always go Viral.

Also it helps to engage with the influencers in your field, access them and you will get their attention if u follow the engagement rules and not hard sell

Apart from SXSW, what are the best social media marketing-related conferences around?


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Apart from SXSW, what are the best social media marketing-related conferences around?

Some of the popular conferences other than SXSW are

  1. Techcrunch Disrupt
  2. Social Media Week
  3. Socialmediaexaminer.com carries out regular social media summits
  4. Here is a comprehensive list for social media conferences for 2011 from http://www.socialmediatoday.com.

How do I brand myself online?

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How do I brand myself online?

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There are few things you can do when it comes to branding yourself.
1. If you think people are already talking about you online use simple tools like Google alerts to follow the conversation and identify where you are mentioned and in which context.2. Think and decide how much dedicated time you can spare daily or weekly in your effort.

3. Now startegize about what objectives you would like to achieve e.g. would you like to be a moderator i.e. bring people in your field together and introduce topics worth discussing? Or you would be creating original content and sharing with your followers? and so on…

It really depends on you approach about what you wish to achieve.

3. Make a list of primary and secondary stakeholders whom you would want to influence and find a best way to reach them online. Find where they are in what sort of discussions are they currently engaged.

4. Engage with the purpose of establishing relationships with them and not hard sell. Slowly introduce to them what you have to offer and establish the value in you.

What you should avoid is?

1. Premature discussions about your expertise and your offerings.
2. Using social media as one way communication platform i.e.pushing information at your audience without engagement.

What you should definitely have?

1. Cultivate online relationships i.e. people through whom your value resonates.
2. Engage, respond to queries, admit when you have been wrong, appreciate others opinion and above all reciprocate and say thank you.
3. A listening mechanism so that you know what people are talking about you and through which mediums. Try simple tools like Google Alerts, Socialmention etc