Android Phones or Condoms?

We all knew the market is crowded for Android phones. Samsung, HTC and others have been coming out with multiple new phones every year. Now the million dollar question is what to name them other than names like these Mega 3G PTI LXX Super.

And believe it or not these are beginning to sound like the names of condoms. The Intercom blog has come up with a checklist to show how closer our android phones sound (if not look) like condoms e.g. Samsung Tingle. Here’s the checklist you decide.


Facebook prepares to take on Yahoo!

Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...

Yahoo recently filed a law suit against Facebook over patent infringement claiming that technology used by the social network actually belongs to the search engine. Gearing up to this law suit, Facebook has purchased 750 patents from IBM, this was reported by VentureBeat today. Though, no additional details were provided by Facebook spokesperson on the issue.

Yahoo had to face a lot of criticism as entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley veterans came in support of Facebook. According to popular perception the claims made by Yahoo aren’t substantial as same features and technology have been used by others as well.

Yahoo has claimed infringement on two privacy patents, four advertising patents, two customization patents, one  messaging patent, and one social networking patent” according to the blog.

Is Facebook panicking by purchasing large number of patents from IBM? Difficult to say as the social networking behemoth has only 56 patents with 503 filed and pending. Moreover, Facebook probably wants to come clean before its IPO hits the market.

Facebook  has expressed its disappointment on the hostile action taken by Yahoo and vowed to defend itself vigorously. Its spokesperson had earlier told media, “We’re disappointed that Yahoo, a longtime business partner of Facebook and a company that has substantially benefited from its association with Facebook, has decided to resort to litigation…  we will defend ourselves vigorously against these puzzling actions.”

Facebook had faced 22 patent suits against it last year.

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Facebook mirrors your colonial past. Surprised!

You like it or not it’s difficult to break old and time tested ties. And guess what the colonial past of several countries is catching up with them.

Any guesses how? Well, it’s the Facebook, the 845 million strong social network which has users from each and every country of the world shows unique set of relationships between people of a particular region and the colonial power which once ruled them long time back.

According to the recent data released by Facebook, people living in countries which were once ruled by colonial powers such as Britain, Spain, France and Portugal still has more affinity in terms of shared friends.

Depicted through this color coded map, darker the blue higher is the fraction of foreign Facebook connections with the colonial power in question. The data consists of 214 countries ranked according to their strength of relationship.

Britain’s Facebook population shows strong ties to New Zealand, Australia and swathes of east Africa. Those Facebooking in West Africa have more in their friend lists in France. Latin American region with dominating Spanish speaking population is strongly tied to Spain. Brazilians are firmly linked to Portugal, same for the people in Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau. Have a look at the detailed map here

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Have a look at Jack Dorsey’s sketch of Twitter’s first look

Twitter has come long way since its start today in 2006. Six year old twitter sees 340 million tweets every day, an average of 1 billion tweets every 3 days. An amazing feat for a little bird with 140 million users.

Twitter’s blog celebrated its sixth anniversary with a sketch by Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter. @jack has sketched what was the first design of Twitter. Have a look…

By the way Twitter recently included 5 more cities to its local trends. These are Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi. Mumbai is already part of Twitter local trends.

Those cities which generate a sizable number of tweets worldwide are included in local trends.

So papa, how do you like the iPad we got you?

Its German, probably you won’t understand the language. But it has papa, a knife and guess what, an iPad.
Its the latest viral sensation making rounds in the online world. Watch it here and share a laugh.

Google’s new privacy policy goes live

Google 的貼牌冰箱(Google refrigerator)

Google (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

Google‘s new privacy policy has gone live today i.e. March 1, 2012. This is supposed to replace 70 different policies that currently govern different Google products.

The new policy is said to be more simple and easy to follow and understand. Google is trying to unify the user experience across its products mainly the most popular one YouTube, Gmail and search. This will bring more consistency to user experience no matter on which Google platform you are. The search result accuracy could go up based on data Google collects on each user understanding your needs.

Based on the principle of ‘One Policy, One Google Experience’, the company has taken a leap to simplify processes giving user experience a priority. You can learn more about it here.

Watch this interesting video to understand what is Google’s motive behind this update.