Trademark lawsuit leads to Blackberry’s woes

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Image by Roozbeh Rokni via Flickr

Adding to the woes of Research in Motion Ltd, the Canada based manufacturers of Blackberry devices has been sued by BBM Canada for using the BBM trademark. BBM popularly known as Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is the messenger service by RIM with 50mn users’ worldwide.

However, BBM Canada which stands for Bureau for Broadcast Measurement, a broadcast and audience measurement organisation has expressed the trademark infringement citing that it has been in operations longer than RIM. BBM Canada was established in 1944 much before RIM’s messenger service came into existence. Though, Bureau for Broadcast Measurement started using the shorthand of its name BBM only since 2001.

RIM has been known to spend a considerable amount advertising its BBM services and such a suit if settled against it could lead to losses. Earlier in the month, a US court had forced Research in Motion to change the name of its new operating system, which was originally called BBX. BBX has now been renamed to ‘BlackBerry 10.’

It has been possibly the worst year Research in Motion Ltd with several lows. RIM was threatened to be banned from countries like Indonesia and India for non-compliance with government policies and refusing to share encrypted data services provided on Blackberry mobile phones.

After a recent warning last week regarding the delay in the launch of new Blackberry device which is now scheduled to arrive only in the latter half of next year, RIM’s shares had plummeted to a multi-year low. RIM is not doing good sales and is facing tough competition from Apple’s iPhone and other Android based devices. Rim has also shed about $30bn in value this year so far and has been facing problems due to over production of Playbook tablets which amounted to $485million as surplus inventory. The prolonged network outages during October in Europe, Middle East and Africa had played its part in dipping consumer confidence in Blackberry’s ability to provide a seamless service.

This article of mine was originally published in Daily Post. You can access it here


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