Lady Gaga offering free Macbooks and iPad’s ?

Lady GaGa@ladygaga, the Twitter account of ‘mother monster’ as she loves to call herself was hacked on Monday. The first tweet promised Macbooks to her followers followed by a second one which asked her monsters to follow a link to get an iPad.  The tweet promised her monsters (fans) a free iPad2 to celebrate the holiday season directing them to a web link which now delivers a ‘potentially problematic’ warning. Thousands of people are believed to have clicked on the link leading them to a not so impressive portal.

Lady Gaga’s much loved twitter account was declared hacker free, and hours later Lady Gaga was much relieved when her account was recovered just in time for her to meet her ‘Tokyo Monsters’, she tweeted, “Phew. The hacking is over! And Justin time, I’m on my way to Japan! So excited to spend Xmastime with my TokyoMonsters!”

Lady Gaga is the most sort after celebrity on Twitter with 17 million followers though she has just 1800 tweets to her credit.

@Nellyfurtado’s twitter account also seems to be giving ‘FREE Macbook’s.. in the spirit of holidays.’ No doubt with Christmas nearing and the New year in sight the spirit of holidays is catching up with hackers and who else to share it other then their very own Lady gaga

Lady Gaga's original hacked tweet

Lady Gaga relieved to get her Twitter account back




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