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Are you on LinkedIn? Image by Christopher S. Penn via Flickr

LinkedIn is more than your resume, it’s your professional identity which tracks where you have been, people you are connected with and the recommendations you have received for it. Often cited as the number one choice of recruiters who love to browse through your connections and even make enquiries for your past work. There are ways through which you can manage your professional personality through sprucing up your profile by connecting your blog, Twitter account, Slide Share, participating in Groups and answering Q&A among other options available through LinkedIn.

Let’s talk about what more could be done using your LinkedIn profile data.

InMaps: Brought about by LinkedIn Labs, which hosts projects and experimental features built by LinkedIn employees, InMaps allows LinkedIn users to ‘visualise their professional network, clustered in real-time based on their inter-relationships.’ Those linked with same colour reflect a same set of connections which could be either your schoolmates, colleagues at a company you worked long time back or people you met at a conference. You can label these connection and see how your connections pan out.

Resume Builder: Another LinkedIn Labs product, the Resume Builder allows you to build, save and share beautifully formatted resumes based on your LinkedIn profile. You need to pick a template that best describes your personality: classic, modern, business, executive etc. Your resume details are automatically populated through your LinkedIn profile which you can customise further. You can save the file as PDF and through a customised link share via email, Twitter and Facebook. Hailed as the next big think in resume making, provides a relief from lengthy and boring traditional text based resumes. You can either connect through LinkedIn or create a new account to view your education, work, skills and language expertise in a beautifully crafted visualisation through timeline and vibrant colours. You can customise your own URL and attach your Facebook, Twitter and portfolio, which can be shared as professional resume that not only looks good but also speaks of your achievements.

Connection Timeline: LinkedIn engineers again strike an ace by crafting a time line for your career. If you can’t remember where you met your contacts and when, try this feature to ‘play’ a timeline of your connections since the start of your career. The sleek horizontal visualisation would take you back memory lane.

Year in Review: This helps you get a visual representation of your contacts who in a particular year have changed their jobs. You can see who got promoted, switched jobs or started something on their own.

Above article was published in Daily Post, you can also view it here


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