Say goodbye to Cable Guy

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Have you always craved for that exclusive video of your favourite movie star? Want to see that sizzling video of Madonna hours before it goes live on TV? Well, YouTube has made it easy for you to browse, follow and curate the best of online videos.

YouTube took a quantum leap in revamping its UI design on Thursday with a whole gamut of features aimed at reorienting itself ever since it was launched in 2006 as an online video service. The new homepage design focuses on Channels and users video subscriptions, which also provides the option of pulling video recommendations from social networks like Google+ and Facebook.

Experts claim it to be as YouTube’s answer to cable TV. Video publishers will be dominant on new YouTube where users can filter and curate channels to personalise their likes. The revamp is part of YouTube’s recently announced content initiative that brings loads of exclusive videos from 100 original channels from celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Tony Hawk and Madonna among others. According to YouTube blog ‘ behind every great video is a great Channel… and more of them are coming to YouTube, we want to make it easier for you to find and keep tabs of what you want to watch.’

Prabhjot Singh, a YouTube addict is quite upbeat about the new homepage, “The Facebook integration is by far the best feature coming from YouTube. The new layout and the grey colour scheme are quite easy on the eye. However, I feel the options on my personal channel have been reduced.”

This is a major shift that brings content publishers to the forefront with the aim of making users spend more time on YouTube which currently averages around 15 minutes a day. The revamped homepage and channels focus is in direct response to video curation done through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. According to recently releases data Youtube gets around 3.5 billion views every day, however this traffic isn’t coming directly from its homepage and people abandon the video network after viewing single video clips.

Diksha Sethi, a Chandigarh-based digital marketer said, “YouTube has been for long the lifeline of all digitally produced marketing content. Most companies produce videos with the aim of targeting YouTube users, and now with channels becoming more prominent it’s a big boost for them”

These changes are just the start for YouTube, the company has hinted at bringing further personalisation features to its connected devices giving tough competition to cable TV.

What’s new?
1. Revamped homepage: You can create and customize YouTube channels after you sign in. You can customise your homepage feed through recommended channels and connect Facebook and Google+ to keep a tab on what videos your friends are sharing.

2. Customizable Channels: Aims at simplifying the discovery mechanism for videos depending on what matters the most to you. Default channel templates for different uploaders to meet your uploading needs whether you are a video blogger, a publisher or just a causal uploader.

3. Easy access: Activity stream with video uploads, favourites, likes and live event announcements. You can subscribe to channels and get a single view on your homepage for easy access and recommendations arranged in a reverse chronological order. Grey background instead of white to make it less distracting.

Here is another of my article Say goodbye to Cable Guy  on YouTube’s layout revamp published in Daily Post



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