The Silk Route of Social Commerce

Extent of Silk Route/Silk Road. Red is land ro...

Image via Wikipedia

Social networks are strong unifier. They have the potential to integrate business processes unlike anything we have seen  since the famous silk route got abandoned few hundred years back. Social + business are meant to go together. There is a school of thought that for long believed that anything social needs to be miles away from the business world. However, business or monetisation of the social is in fact the next step in the process of socialisation.

Social means people with similar interests club together as in Google+ circles. They socialise, share, comment, like or dislike and often move on to another circle. This social process has been going on for millions of years. We recommend products to others; crave to buy a better car than the neighbour; ask for reviews before planning next vacation. That’s the influence we all have on our relationships that eventually help us determine whether our decision makes business sense or not.

If its social then it can be monetised, be it through the like buttons or encircling people in Google+. The rise of social commerce through social networking is perhaps the single most revolutionary moment in human history. And this time no one is left behind, sooner or later everyone is going to be part of it. Well, isn’t everyone already is whether off or online.



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